Centerpoint’s Helping Hands (formerly Backpacks for the Homeless) is a group of individuals willing to volunteer their time and talents to help the homeless and needy people in our community. We provide backpacks filled with items required for daily hygiene and warmth as well as clothing when possible. This new ministry can go in many directions. Our mission is to follow God’s Word. “…Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you do for me.” Matt. 25:40

Items for this ministry can be dropped off at Centerpoint Community Church, Center Twp. or message me and I’ll meet you.
“What ever we do, for the least of our brothers¬¶”Matt 25:40
Thanks for your continued support of Centerpoint’s Helping Hands and the needy in our community.
God Bless You for Your Kindness,
Natalie Nobile-Shoop